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Tammy S. Morrow


Tammy Morrow is the Vice President and Director of Operations for Vitalogy Capital Partners. In addition, Ms. Morrow works for the affiliated law firm, Castor Easton LLP, as the Business Director. Ms. Morrow works with start ups companies, entrepreneurs, private investors, investment groups, and high net worth companies to provide the most efficient ventures process. She has a passion for building and assisting high efficient company’s and investors.



Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Bachelor’s, Liberal Arts, Concentrations in Mathematics and Science

Business Experience 

Vice President & Director of Operations, Vitalogy Capital Parnters LLC

Business Director, Castor Easton, LLP

Executive Assistant to Managing Partner at Castor Easton, LLP

Investor Relations & Director, Arch Angels LLC (Orange County, CA)

Secretary, O'Reilly's Holdings Company LLC

Recorder, SWARM Engineering Inc.

Secretary, Salvare Management LLC

Secretary, Salvare Fund LP

Director of Operations,  Slate Ventures LLC

Director of Operations, ACH Ventures LLC


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